Research request: Australian examples of NFP reporting to Government

Please help us to create a picture of government best (and worst) practice reporting.  We are collecting examples of reporting that not for profit recipients of government grant or contract funding are required to complete.   These will be collated and published later this year as one chapter in a book published by the Australia New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).

The edited book will focus on the collaborative interface between government and the not-for-profit sector. We currently envisage that the book would be comprised of 10-12 chapters addressing practical aspects of the government/not-for-profit sector relationship. The overall aim of the book would be to canvass a number of themes of concern to ANZSOG’s primary audience – public sector commissioners and policy professionals who routinely work in partnership with not-for-profit organisations. The book would be published as part of the ANZSOG Monograph Series jointly published by ANZSOG and the ANU Press. We would aim to have a completed manuscript by late 2015.

It is not necessary to identify either the agency or not-for-profit organisation, and contributions can be acknowledged in the chapter or remain anonymous. Please let us know which you prefer.

The examples should focus on the practice,  Examples could compare different systems, emphasising the benefits that some provide, such as benchmarking against similar organisations, etc.

It would be great if you could send in screenshots or clauses from contracts or other documents to illustrate. Links to anything publicly available would also be useful.

Each example should be half to one page, and should include:

  1. What the reporting requirement is
  2. An illustration of this, if possible (these will probably end up in black and white)
  3. The positive/negative effects this reporting requirement has on you/your organisation: the human story of reporting requirements

Please feel free to construct more than one example.

We are also constructing a ‘top tips’ list for those creating reporting requirements. Please add your tips here:

If anyone would like to be more involved in the writing and review of this chapter please let us know. Likewise, do not hesitate to get in touch with questions.

We look forward to reading your stories.


Emma Tomkinson